Services - South Bay Party Photography

Thank you for your interest in South Bay Party Pics, and how we can provide you with keepsake memories of your event. Let us document that special event, whether it be a birthday party, anniversary, retirement, bar mitzvah, quinceañera or whatever celebration you are planning. Our company serves the communities of the greater South (San Francisco) Bay Area.

The package price for a 2-hour photo shoot of your event will provide between 75 and 150 images. You can choose the prints/enlargements package, or go with package of high-resolution images to use as you wish. Select the package which best meets your needs. You can also add additional products, either at the time of your initial order or after the shoot.

After the event, special care is applied to each image to ensure the best final product. Images are inspected and adjusted, applying adjustments such as color, contrast &brightness levels, cropping, resizing, sharpening and simple touch-ups.

Digital images will be distributed either via online .zip file downloads or on a USB Flash drive2.

Packaged Price List
PKG NAME Product/Service Price Select Amount
P01-HRES High resolution photo shoot -
You'll receive these sets of digital images:
  1. album of display-sized (1024x) images
  2. folder of print-sized (~3000 pixels) images
$325 [ X ] [ $200 ]
P02-PRNT Print package photo shoot -
You'll receive an album of display-sized (1024x) images. After reviewing the images, you can select the ones you want for these prints:
  • fifteen (15) 4x6",
  • three (3) 5x7"
  • and one (1) 8x10(12)".
$325 [ X ] [ $200 ]

Add-on Options Price List
Product/Service Quantity Resolution1 Delivery Price Select Amount
Party on ... additional photography time 1/2 hour
25+ imgs
same as package Onsite $30 xxxx
Hosted web gallery per year max 1024w, 900h Online $30/yr xxxx
Complete .zip file of photo shoot
on CD-ROMs
>120 imgs max 1024w, 900h Shipped2 $20.00 xxxx
Hi-Res Image each max 3104 x 2064 or
max 3072 x 2304
Download $8.00 1st,
$6.00 each-2nd&ff
Print3 each 4 x 6" Shipped2 $5.00 1st,
$2.00 each-2nd&ff
Print3 each 5 x 7" Shipped2 $10.00 1st,
$5.00 each-2nd&ff
Print3 each 8 x 10(12)" Shipped2 $15.00 1st,
$10.00 each-2nd&ff

1 Resolution subject to image dimension ratio
2 Add $5.95 S/H per order for shipped items
3 Please specify glossy or matte; glossy assumed