Sylvia Ramirez, Co-Director: Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble, 6/21/09: "Hi Don, Thank you for sending us the link to your wonderful photos of the Big Band and Barbeque event. Your photos are wonderful--beautifully composed, of the highest quality, and capturing the tone of the event. I would like to include some of the photos of the Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble on our website. I will, of course, give you a photo credit. Please let me know if that's OK. Thanks again for thinking of us. The photos will serve as a great memento of the performance for our young musicians and their families."
Liz Neuman, musician, 10/02/04: "i always enjoy your 'eye'..."
Julia Ma, Your Asian Connection, 11/08/04: "Great photo. Next time, I will let you be a photographer and I will give you free entrance."
Sheldon Chang, Founder, Social Wave, 12/15/04: "Hey Don, We'll be in Downtown Campbell at the shopping & festivities event on Thursday night promoting Social Wave. We're putting together a poster board to show what Social Wave is. Mind if I include one of your photos in one of the displays. It'll be part of a 3 photo mini collage for a short intro for the photo galleries."
Sheldon Chang, Founder, Social Wave, 07/28/05: "Hey, would you be willing to take photos for us at the (1st Anniversay) party? ... I'm just looking for pics that I can use for promo materials that I want to put in front of organizations and business groups that have a strong interest in improving the vitality of their community. I need photos that would make an organization think, "We want to work with Social Wave."
Kit Johnson, Black Swan Jazz Band, 9/13/05: "Hi Don. Thanks for the photo link. Would you be willing to send me copies of the original files and permission to post same on the Black Swan web site as well? I'm happy to reference you in the picture caption if you like. Thanks."
Allan Greenberg, Santa Clara Valley Model T Ford Club, 9/27/05: "Great photos. You sure have developed a good eye for photography. Thanks for sharing them with us."
Phil Cornish, Friends of Guadalupe River Park & Gardens, 10/27/05: "Thanks for the web gallery. Can we get a photo disc with the high-res originals for print usage? That would be great."
Geoff Roach, Executive Director San Jose Jazz Society, 10/31/05: "Great pictures. Thanks", "Hi there Don, if you could provide high-res versions of the following photos, we would give you credit for them if we use them in any way."
Mike Wasserman, Los Gatos Councilman, 12/09/05: "Thanks for the memories!"
Diane McNutt, Former Mayor of Los Gatos, 12/14/05: "Don, You did a fabulous job in capturing the look, feel and spirit of the parade as well as the unique beauty of Los Gatos. Thank you for sharing."
Bob Noren, musician, 6/06/06: "The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I recognized all of the scenes except for the location of the uniform and the cannon display. "
Susan Diatte, Recreation Supervisor - Santa Clara Parks and Recreation, 9/20/06: "Hi Don, I am in charge of publicity for the festival. I like your pics. Is there anyway we can use some of them on our city website or in our art and wine program. Please let me know, it doesnt look like we can save them as jpegs. Thanks"
Mike Vax, Musician (former lead trumpet Stan Kenton Orchestra), 09/24/06: "Hi Don: GREAT photos. And ---- your site is amazing."
Norma Ruiz, Willow Glen Downtown Assn., 11/06/06: "Is it OK to post a couple of your photos on our website Thanks."
David, Willow Glen Extra newspaper, 11/09/06: "Thanks, Don .... Do you mind if I post one of the pictures on with a link to the entire collection?"
Kelly Tien, 5/24/07: "Thank you so much for all the lovely pictures. You are so good for taking pictures!!!"
Reuben Smith, musician, 06/11/07: "Don: What a fabulous set of pictures, and even more, what a great presentation and set-up job you've done! I need to take lessons. Thanks very much. Great job!"
Aniko Millan, Park Ranger - Vasona Lake, 07/17/07: "thanks for sharing the most excellent photos!"
Lyle Gillison, musician, 10/29/07: "Thanks for your great work on the photos and web site work. You certainly know your way around the computer photo business."
Dick Williams, musician, 12/03/07: "Wow, very impressive, thank you very much."
Mary Solsbak, jazz camp organizer, 12/03/07: "Great photos, Don! ... Thanks for sending all the photos. Your flower pictures are beautiful, and you've got some wonderful shots of my home town!"
Hal Smith, musician, 12/03/07: "Thanks very much for the e-mail, the link and the photos. May I have your permission to post some of the Hayriders shots on our website? ("
Mandy Major, Editor, Los Gatos Weekender, 12/04/07: "Hi Don, Thank you for the email. You got some great shots. Have a favorite that you might want to submit for our Photo of the Week section? Would just need one photo and a small description of what it is."
Jim Koski, volunteer railroad engineer, 12/16/07: "Don, Check out the website. I just finished updating it to show the parade using two of your photos."
Elena Robles, 05/05/08: "Thank you Don, these pixs are wonderful. I loved the trains. I'll share the link with my students so the parents can get a look."
Mark Nemoyten, Golden Gate Park Band, 06/23/08: "Thanks Don! Great pics! I'll post some on our web site if that is ok with you."
Mindy S. Berkowitz, Executive Director, Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley, 06/23/08: "Wow, Don! Thank you so much. ... Do we have your permission to use the photos on our websites and newsletters?"
Kate Warren, Events & Media Manager, Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce, 07/23/08: "Thank you, Don- these are great!! I hope the South Bay Stompers enjoyed themselves at the Sunnyvale festival!"
Norma Ruiz, Executive Director, Willow Glen Business Association, 10/01/08: "Don, these are fantastic!!! Please let me know what I can do to get copies – I would like to post on website and print to create an album. Thanks for doing this."
Sarah,, 11/10/08: "Hi Don, Thanks for attending and documenting our event! Would it be ok if we featured some of your images of Howling Halloween on the front page of our website?"
Tim Lundell, Los Gatos Rotary, 12/09/08: " Great pictures, Don! Thanks very much for sharing them with us. I will make a note to let you know when we have Los Gatos Morning Rotary community events scheduled."
Ken and Sabina, friends of band, 12/09/08: "Hi Don, It was great to see you at the parade!! These pictures are awesome...great job! Thank you for sharing....greatly appreciated!"
Aniko Millan, Park Ranger, Vasona Lake, 03/24/09: "Thank you so much for sharing (and taking!) the lovely photos. I really enjoy viewing your website and seeing this unit from an artist's perspective."
Linda Klemczak, Interim Director of Recreation & Community Services, City of Campbell, 04/14/09: "Don, THANKS for photodocumenting these events!"
Ken Yeager, Supervisor, Santa Clara County, 04/14/09: "Thanks, Don. Great pictures!"
Marie Crofoot, friend, 05/18/09: "Thanks for the pix. Some of your images of disc dogs are really amazing."
Sandy Lane, Webmaster,, 05/28/09: "Hello Don You have some really excellent and refreshing photos of the Roaring Camp event. Would it be okay to use some of them on the Website? With photo credits of course."
Todd Gray, Musician, 7/23/09: "Thanks Don, you have great equipment and a good eye for these, very clear photos with depth!!"