About Us - South Bay Party Photography

Meet the Photographer

Don Abel is the owner and photographer for South Bay Party Photos™.

Don began his lifelong interest in photography after getting his first camera while in 2nd grade. It was a manual wind, view-the-negative-number in the red translucent window viewfinder camera that used 120 film. He quickly learned to pay attention to advancing the film after each shot after getting back his first prints - of the Sacramento Christmas Balloon Parade - and finding several shots double-exposed.

Since then, several cameras have followed. These included a Kodak Instamatic camera with 126 cartridge film and pop-up flash cubes. Preferring to travel light, his first 35mm camera was a Chinon, a manual focus camera with a nice red velour felt covering. This was followed by a Pentax SuperProgram manual focus SLR, with a prime f2.0 lens, a Vivitar 70-300mm telephoto zoom and a 28-70mm wide-angle lens. Other cameras have included a Samsung 35mm point-and-shoot and a Tokina digital "point-and-shoot". Please see the next section for current equipment used.

Don's main interests have been in event (candid/documentary) and nature photography. His event photos are always looked forward to. You can take a look of his shooting style at his personal photo site, nicepics.us. Don is looking to give people special memories to cherish. A software professional by trade, his avocations include musical performance, biking, volleyball and classic movies.

Equipment / Software